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Knife, Gun, Mind and Reality

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Knife, Gun, Mind and Reality

To begin, I would like to quote my teacher Soke Hatsumi Masaaki.
“At the moment of actual combat, there is no great master or instructor or student. Castes disappear and only those survive who truly understand the meaning of Budo.”

Often people focus on a fixed target, how to hold a gun, how to move properly.

But in actual combat, everything you have lived through and practiced changes in the madness of survival. An attacker who decides to kill is killing and does not deal with the reality of whether or not you are his enemy. Such an attacker is not occupied with how to kill; he just does everything he can to kill you. In such a situation you do not have time to think, and the actual combat takes only a few seconds. However, for you, it will feel endless. You can only respond to the situation, and your movements will be based on your natural movements, and movements that you have trained thoroughly for years.

A deranged person, or a desperate man who has nothing to lose, or a person under the influence of drugs, is not cognizant of their own situation. Such an attacker deals only with his object, and that is to destroy, get revenge, or defend, and this becomes the matter of the drama. Many people have died because they have underestimated this fact. An attacking man, even if repeatedly stabbed with a knife or shot is still able to move, attack or to defend themselves in a frenzy and does not feel what is happening or even if he is injured. Therefore, when you get into a situation and you have no choice of defense or escape, and you have a knife or a gun, you should be stabbing or shooting straight into the lower body, such as the hips because they have a significant impact on the center of movement, or aim straight for the head. I'm not talking here about how to defend yourself but how to survive. Therefore, use whatever it takes to resolve the situation of your survival.

Do not use weapons as merely objects, but so that the weapons become a part of your body in motion. Thus, you naturally react and have freedom of movement with a gun by means of which you can connect to, block, hit, or safeguard.

Any techniques with a knife or a gun are important to keep in your mind. It does not mean that you have an empty hand, or it isn't the style of the techniques with weapons. Above all, you must perform body techniques. In such case, your movements and weapons become one unit in motion and your opponent will only see this one unit in space.
If you are open, the attacker is able to catch a glimpse of "something". That something is like a magnet and a target. Respond naturally to these observations.

In reality, your honor is not at stake. Be aware that an attacker who wants to hurt you will be relentless. Distance, awareness, and luck, can save you.
Each technique and conflict is adjusted and adapted according to the environment. Maybe in the winter time when you are wearing multiple layers of clothes, or you are on a slippery surface, the fight demands distance, control, a confident stance, and the right timing.

If I were to decide to kill someone, I would simply explore everything about the enemy's situation and then simply on the street anywhere at a busy public area I would stab or shoot that person. It is simple and fast. There would be no technique that could save my target and even I do not need to know any special skill for such an attack. The only thing that can save you is that you will understand reality, keep respect and take control of the situation as well as of the space you are in.
If you get into such a situation when an aggressor attacks, the only thing that you should do is to move naturally and to respond to the aggressor's movements.

If you become connected to an opponent’s body, do not interrupt this connection. Thus you will continue to have control over any other motion that occurs. The moment you control and disrupt the attacker's attack, you have a chance to defend, or you can get control of attacker´s weapons. If not, the attacker will return to their position and attack again. That can be fatal for you.

If you feel that the attacker has a good distance and good control of his actions, rather do not do anything. Know that in this case you have no chances and will just have to wait for his mistake or any chances to save yourself.

At best, try and live so that you will never get into such a situation.

Lubos Pokorny
Shihan Bujinkan Dojo Hombu
January 2017


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