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Notes 2012



Throughout our lives we should keep the heart of the student and remain open to new experience.

A training partner is the one on who I try what I study, and with who we both look for ways to understand the material, not someone who I give wise lectures and who I drag to go my way...

When training it does not matter who has what degree. It has no significance whether your partner has a low or a high degree. The both of you should keep your mind open, be on the same level, and take everything as if it was for the first time.

No matter who has what degree and how many years they have been studying: if you are not open, simple, and pure as a newborn child, you just cannot understand anything. You only create your own vision of your own path.

When someone says:   ̎I do not have to learn anymore!
Man, congratulations. You are a fortunate man! {Upside-down exclamation point}

If a teacher does not stay a student, he is already dead.

If you want to understand everything straightaway, you had better quit.
And if you are not willing to accept what the teacher teaches, you should leave.

Tendo  -  the way of heaven. Do you think you can change it?


It is right when the teacher guides the student ahead.

It is right when the student follows his teacher`s good example.

It is right when the teacher requires discipline.

It is right when the teacher is just.

It is right when the teacher gives freedom of thought and development.

It is right when the teacher prepares the student for the path of the teacher.

But it is horribly wrong when a student takes into his head to be a teacher.

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