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Honor, Pride, Dignity, Respect, Duty, Loyalty ...



For some time lately I have had feelings in my head, which I would like to scream! Whenever the situation arises, I have many ideas about which I would like to talk to you. And then I think to myself that it is high time I wrote it. But now when I am finally holding the paper and pen in my hands, I cannot think of a single sentence. Just my mind full of feelings.
And so that we make a better start than that I should immediately focus on a specific problem. In the title I used the words "honor, pride, dignity, respect, duty, loyalty ..." The words which mean something that I have been looking for all my life. I am looking for a time when I can be sure about life and when nothing changes. I am looking for a time when I do not have to accept beforehand that what we say, the promises we give and get, will not be fulfilled and respected. I am looking for a time when words, answers, agreements, promises ... are not just empty words, worthless ideas, instructions and actions. A time when two people are able to speak to each other using their hearts and when they need neither words nor anything like a signed contract. They respect everything they say. It is honor for both of them to keep promises and respect each other. A time when one should be satisfied with what was given and what was said ...

Frankly, it hardly ever happens to me. However, I can say that it has been true for what I feel with my teacher Masaaki Hatsumi and his friend Mr. Matsumoto for a long time. Our communication is never about sentences and promises. We often exchange just a few words and the rest is just heart. Understanding time and action. Understanding whether I know or I do not know. There is nothing more needed. I accepted the role of a student with my teacher and friendship between me and Mr. Matsumoto. Although my task is to be young and listen. When I do not understand, it's my own fault and I alone have to try more. At times I'm afraid of myself, afraid that I could say wrong words and think wrong thoughts. If there has been said No or Yes between you and me, even without words, my conscience will not let me even think that I could break it. My honor will not allow me to.
And I scream looking for a time when it will be all around us. Wherever we live and meet friends. The time when a friend is not just a word.

I decided to be a student of my teacher, to trust him and believe in what he teaches, although I yet need to understand some things. I decided freely and I was allowed. So, what I am taught by my teacher, I humbly accept, learn, live, and pass on.
I do not give my heart and my loyalty to other directions, schools or teachers. I cannot accept what I often see around me that someone has a teacher and studies with many others, who have different teachings and a different heart. Their hearts are broken into many pieces. Full honesty is thus divided and actually dies. And the teaching such students came for is without the necessary loyalty and honor. Perhaps many will say: It is what life is like nowadays. But life is what it is, always has and always will. People are still the same. It's up to each of us how we approach things and what our attitude to honest life is.

When I became overwhelmed with these feelings, in a book I found sentences my teacher wrote, which expressed exactly what I'm trying to express here. And that is the way I feel it.

" I never show my own techniques. Even today, I still just do the techniques as my teacher Takamatsu taught them to me. Otherwise, the techniques which have been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds and thousands of years would really be spoiled."

Note: The teacher writes about his age. He is 81 years old now. By this he speaks not only of pride, honor and duty to the techniques, but also of gratitude for what he was given and allowed by his teacher and the generations of masters before them.

And that´s about it.

December 27, 2012


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