27st, Summer camp (Czech Republic)

Start: 30th of Jun, 2018 from 15:00
Finish: 08th of July, 2018 to 13:00


27st, Summer Seminar
Luboš Pokorný
30th. June – 08th. July 2018

9 Days training


Already for the 27st, times we are glad to invite you at traditional Summer Seminar of BCD. This is, as always, an open air seminar taking place in middle of beautiful nature surrounded by many nice hills of Sumava National Park. This time we will study mainly Basic techniques and principles of 9 schools of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu and  the Shinobi ken - Kodachi - Muto Dori - Hanbo - Bo - Yari - Naginata -  Jutte - Kusari Fundo…

This is an extraordinary opportunity to take advantage of free movement and stay for a while at least in the middle of virgin nature far from civilization.

start: 30. 6. 2018 at 15.00 
end: 08. 7. 2018 at 13.00

Price: 100 Euro. ( uniform price )


All the participants should have:

Weapons according to program of Seminar, training stuff, tent, sleeping bag, stuff for stay in open air (in the middle of nature), cooking tools (you can eat also in the restaurant several kilometers far from the place of the seminar)

in your own tents.(the place is equipped by field shower and hot and cold water is available (nevertheless not like in your homeJ). Or you can try mountains’ brookJ)

How to get there:
By train or by bus:
To Plzen or Klatovy, change to train or bus via Nyrsko, Zelezna ruda, get off at Desenice station.. Or you can give me a call on my mobile phone. 00420 603 876802

By car:
+49° 15' 38.02", +13° 11' 45.32"

Plzeň - Klatovy – Nýrsko – Dešenice. From Nýrsko it is about 5 km.

Parking place for your cars is arranged.

Information: All the information you could get from me    Phone: 00420 603876802

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